Bringing media-related tech solutions from Israel to Germany

Media Innovation in Israel & Germany was the title of the first GINSUM-Event which took place on February 23rd, 2021.

ELNET  Germany organized this online event on media-related tech solutions from Israel together with Hamburg Invest and nextMedia.Hamburg. The target audience for the event was selected media and digital businesses from Germany. GINSUM gave innovative Israeli Startups the time to present their business models in front of distinguished participants. With the event, they had the chance to seek new business opportunities with partners in Germany and expand their network. 
The format was lean and efficient: Bring together young innovative startups from Israel with businesses from Germany who are looking for new ideas and give those startups 10 minutes to pitch their concept. With live demos, slide presentations or short pitch talks the startups chose different styles of presentation in order to convince the audience. The event gave Israeli startups an excellent access to new business opportunities in Germany and a unique chance.    
With Audioburst, CyabraInsoundz and , four different Israeli startups got the chance to pitch their ideas. All of them used different styles and methods to convince the participants. They were able to show live demos and examples of their work – all with a great dedication. But more important, the Q&A sessions after the event showed that all of them gained the interest of the audience. 
GINSUM is looking forward to continuing its work in order to bring Israeli innovations to Germany and to foster cross-border collaboration between startups, companies and other stakeholders. In upcoming months, we will give more companies and startups the opportunity to connect and do business together. We are working committed for bringing the Israeli startup ecosystem and the German Mittelstand closer together. 
If you are an Israeli startup or a German company who is looking forward in participating in our events, do not hesitate to get in touch with the GINSUM team. 

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Marc Jacob was able to gain national and international professional experience through various professional positions in Germany, the USA and Luxembourg. Until recently he worked for a large German law firm in the area of M&A/transactions and was also able to build up extensive knowledge in the context of venture capital.
At ELNET he works for the German Israeli Network of Startups & Mittelstand (GINSUM). Marc Jacob studied management and finance in Frankfurt am Main, Budapest and Los Angeles.