Network Partners

5-HT Digital Hub Chemistry & Health

The 5-HT Digital Hub Chemistry & Health is part of the Digital Hub Initiative (de:hub) initiated by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy to promote digital innovation in Germany. The goal is to build an international ecosystem of startups, investors and companies to drive digital innovation in the chemistry and health industries. As a central platform, 5-HT offers players the opportunity to network, cooperate and develop together.


AHK Israel

The German-Israeli Chamber of Commerce stands for quality. They offer subject-specific expert knowledge in combination with German-Israeli language and cultural competence as well as individual support – from initial information to daily support in your current business.

AHK Israel is officially registered as the ‘German-Israeli Chamber of Industry & Commerce’. It was founded in 1967 and is a business-to-business organisation of numerous Israeli and German member firms. The Chamber’s commercial services help an array of companies each year to start and expand their export activities by providing business contacts, information and advice.

AHKs are closely connected to the Chambers of Industry and Commerce (IHKs) in Germany. Together, they support German companies with establishing and extending their business relations to foreign countries. The umbrella organisation of the IHKs is the German Association of Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK), which also coordinates and supports the AHKs. Furthermore, cooperation with various German trade associations strengthens the link between AHKs, businesses and markets. The German-Israeli Chamber of Industry & Commerce is supported by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology in accordance with a Resolution of the German Parliament.


Bertelsmann Stiftung/Bertelsmann Foundation

Bertelsmann Stiftung/Bertelsmann Foundation

The Bertelsmann Stiftung is a private operating foundation. They therefore only fund projects that they conceive and initiate themselves and then support as they are being carried out.

The Bertelsmann Stiftung was founded in 1977 based on the conviction of their founder, Reinhard Mohn, that Germany was not doing enough to consider the growing competition between the globe’s various social and economic systems. They therefore concentrate on developing solutions capable of addressing challenges in range of societal sectors and, at the same time, ensuring the continuity of Germany’s political, economic and social structures. In doing so, they consider what has proven successful in other countries and they strive to balance research findings with experience in the field.

The Bertelsmann Stiftung’s activities are exclusively and directly philanthropic in nature. Its objective is to promote research and understanding in the areas of religion, public health, youth and senior affairs, culture and the arts, public education and career training, social welfare, international cultural exchange, democracy and government, and civic engagement.

Bundesverband Deutsche Startups/German tartups Association

Bundesverband Deutsche Startups/German Startups Association

Federal Association of German Startups e.V. is the representation of over 900 different German Startups. They represent their interests in politics, business and the general public. With shaping debates on central topics of this self-confident startup ecosystem and put them on the political agenda. In their network they create an exchange between startups, established business and politics. They work to make Germany and Europe a start-up-friendly location that rewards the willingness to take risks and offers the pioneers of our time the best conditions to be successful with innovative strength

Bundesverband Gesundheits-IT

Health IT makes a great contribution to the health care system. The Federal Association of Health IT – bvitg e. V. is working intensively on establishing health IT for all areas of care in order to sustainably improve the health care of people in Germany.

Business Metropole Ruhr GmbH

Business Metropole Ruhr GmbH

Business Metropole Ruhr GmbH (BMR) develops and markets the business location Metropole Ruhr. It bundles the economic interests of the 53 cities in the region. The aim of the work of the BMR is to increase the competitiveness of the Ruhr area. This includes continually developing the Ruhr Metropolis and promoting the image of the business location as a high-performance and innovative region nationally and internationally. They work together with medium sized companies as well as with public companies and local public administration.

City of Düsseldorf Economic Development

The Düsseldorf Economic Development Agency is the central point of contact for all companies and supports successful business in the state capital. The networking of medium-sized companies with startups as well as the settlement and promotion of startups is one of the focal points of economic development. It provides information about suitable office or storage space, helps with setting up a company and connects with service providers such as tax consultancy or law firms. As part of the municipal administration, the business development agency supports administrative processes and approval issues and establishes contacts with local networks.


Deutsch Israelische Wirtschaftsvereinigung (DIW)

The German-Israeli Business Association has been bringing together entrepreneurs from Germany and Israel since 1967.D-I-W, AHK Israel and the newly founded Innovation Hubs network medium-sized companies, startups, investors and institutions – tailor-made and industry-specific.

Founded in 1967 by German entrepreneurs on the initiative of Walter Hesselbach in Frankfurt am Main, the self-image of the German-Israeli Business Association is always shaped by the exchange between Germany and Israel. Over 100 entrepreneurs and companies, consultants and lawyers as well as politicians and representatives of institutions have come together in the D-I-W. Opposite them is the multi-layered network of the sister association, the Israeli-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce AHK Israel in Tel Aviv. Together, D-I-W and AHK have organized numerous events over the last 50+ years, brought trading partners together and linked entrepreneurs along innovative ideas.


Digital Logistics Hub Hamburg

Hamburg Logistics Hub connects companies, startups, research and education in one place. The Digital Hub Initiative is creating an international network. With the focus on the sector of logistics, they provide advice and expertise to startups, connect them with key-figures and offers a co-working space. The Hub was initiated by the city of Hamburg and by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) 


Duisburg Business & Innovation

Duisburg Business & Innovation GmbH (DBI) is the new economic developer for Duisburg. Together with the city, its mission is to create more jobs, produce a better image and greater international visibility, thus improving the quality of life of every single citizen of Duisburg.

DBI, under the management of Dr. Rasmus C. Beck, is the competence center of progress: innovative, visionary, entrepreneurially active. The guiding principles of all sustainable action are always climate protection and digitization. We are leading the way and convincing others that Duisburg is a valuable and promising business location.

Here, the hydrogen economy plays a leading and driving role as a real laboratory for the energy transition. Through the complete energy transformation of steel production by hydrogen, implemented for example in the world’s largest inland port, the goal is to make our city the number one hydrogen location in Germany. This will create the basis for a high attractiveness of Duisburg as a business location and is therefore an integral part of economic development in Duisburg.



FutureSAX connects people who have ideas with those who support ideas. These are (prospective) founders as well as companies, scientists and investors. Their focus is on knowledge-based start-ups, young technology-oriented or knowledge-based companies, established companies with growth potential, science and innovation and transfer actors including investors alike. They offer a cross-technology and cross-sector network of Saxon entrepreneurs and founders that is constantly growing. Furthermore, they promote knowledge-transfer from universities to companies, with connecting young entrepreneurs with medium-sized companies.

Hafen City Universität Hamburg

Hafen City Universität Hamburg

HafenCity University Hamburg (HCU) was founded in 2006 as a fusion of three universities and colleges in Hamburg. As a university of the Built Environment and Metropolitan Development the HCU combines all aspects of construction with respect to planning and design, engineering and natural sciences as well as cultural and social sciences. All disciplines are consequently brought together in an interdisciplinary and integrated manner. In 2014 the HCU moved into its new building in Hamburg’s HafenCity and thus created the foundations of interdisciplinary research and teaching with a high practical relevance. Today, 2.400 students and 450 employees work together in the HafenCity, a special location in Europe’s largest inner-city development project.

Hamburg Invest

Hamburg Invest is the one stop agency for industrial location and investments in Hamburg as well as a central partner of the Hamburg economy for all topics of economic development. There is a wide range of services, especially for small and medium-sized companies. The marketing of urban commercial and industrial space – from the development of space to advertising and customer contact to the leasehold or purchase agreement – is another task. Technology and knowledge-based startups will find their central contact point here.

Hammerbrooklyn HH

Hammerbrooklyn HH

Hammerbrooklyn.DigitalCampus is operated by the city of Hamburg and Art Invest. Its designed as a central location for digital transformation, international companies, organisations and start-ups from a variety of fields. Those can come together to cooperate, experiment, learn and bring innovations to life. Envisioned as a platform for cultural change, Hammerbrooklyn’ mission is to prepare businesses for the digital future.  


Impact Festival

Impact Festival

The Impact Festival forms a central platform for sustainable innovation and technology. The focus is on innovators such as green start-ups, corporates and venture capital investors. In addition, both politics and education are included through various program items. 

The Impact Festival is forming the first “community-based” plattform, with the aim of accelerating the sustainable transformation through the connection and cooperation of all stakeholders around the topic of sustainability. The focus is on linking innovators such as green start-ups with corporates and impact investors who can significantly accelerate this transformation through their investments. Equally important, however, are the corresponding framework conditions set by politics, as well as the perspective of the younger generations and science.

InsurTech Hub Munich

InsurTech Hub Munich (ITHM) is an international non profit platform that enables key players from the insurance ecosystem to accelerate digitization and explore innovative business models, products and services. ITHM empowers corporates and startups to drive collaboration and entrepreneurship excellence at the crossroad of insurance and technology.

Israel Economic & Trade Mission

Israel Economic & Trade Mission

The Economic and Trade Mission, as the official branch of the Ministry of Industry and Trade in Jerusalem, is the economic department of the Embassy of the State of Israel in Berlin.

The Israeli economy is characterized by its global orientation and its high level of technical development. Israel now ranks second after the United States in terms of the per capita ratio when it comes to the establishment of companies with innovative, market-oriented technology products. As an Israeli trade delegation, they support Israeli and German companies and institutions by providing information and arranging contacts. The aim is to initiate and promote binational economic relationships. The instruments used include the conception, organization and implementation of congresses, workshops and other industry-specific events. They perform this task in close cooperation with business institutions at federal and state level as well as with institutions in Israel.

Israel Innovation Institute

Israel Innovation Institute

PLANETech is an innovation community, promoting and implementing technologies in Israel and globally to improve the ability to deal with climate challenges. PLANETech educates and shares knowledge with the community’s stakeholders regarding the latest trends in climate innovation, it collaborates with global stakeholders and climate leaders and implements the lates technologies to solve real life challenges. PLANETech is a joint venture of the Israel Innovation Institute and Consensus Business Group.

EcoMotion is an innovation community, promoting Israeli Smart transportation companies, implementing their solutions, and opening the ecosystem to international companies. EcoMotion in comprised of over 600 startups and 13,000 community members, while being a joint venture of the Israel Innovation Institute, the smart mobility initiative, and the Israeli Ministry of Economy

HealthIL is an innovation community, promoting tailor-made solutions to health system challenges in Israel and globally, by helping to develop tools, mechanisms, and processes. HealthIL is a joint venture of the Israel Innovation Institute, in cooperation with the Ministries of Economy and Social Equality in Israel.


Kinneret Innovation Center

KIC (Kinneret Innovation Center) created a model that grows groundbreaking developments and initiatives that will change the worlds of agriculture, food, water, climate and sustainability. KIC is proud to be Israel’s leading tech-hub representing and accelerating the nation’s topnotch water, agriculture and climate companies and technologies. Based in Northern Israel, on the banks of the beautiful Sea of Galilee, our hub offers a complete chain of innovation upon which academia, technology, industry and advanced agricultural communities can connect, engage and thrive.





Cologne Business is a subsidiary of the City of Cologne and works as the first point of contact for all companies and founders in the city. It provides orientation for questions about authorities and legal regulations. They work as an information provider, mediator and networker in all economic and administrative issues and offer individual solutions with its diverse range of services. In addition, KölnBusiness develops strategies for Cologne as a business location of the future – together with regional companies, partner institutions and science and research institutions.



Main Incubator GmbH, or main incubator for short, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Commerzbank. The company is headquartered in Frankfurt am Main. As research & development unit and early-stage investor of Commerzbank Group main incubator deals with future topics and emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, cross reality, IoT, quantum computing and many more.

Through strategic investments in tech-driven start-ups main incubator participates in innovations and makes them available for Commerzbank and its customers. By developing own prototypes main incubator is proactively shaping innovations  and is thus a strong partner for Commerzbank on its way to a digital technology company. By promoting the FinTech ecosystem and the monthly “Between the Towers” series of events main incubator pursues the goal of identifying innovations at an early stage.


MindUP envisions a future in which digital health is interwoven with everyday life, and care is both smart and available.
Seeing our incubator startups at the heart of this future, we provide hands-on mentoring that helps them build an all-round foundation that will be successful for decades to come.

We are experts in taking innovative ideas, co-developing them into disruptive and bold visions, assembling the right team for the mission, and providing the tools and knowledge to make those visions a reality.




NORDMETALL is a service provider for businesses in the metal and electrical industries in Bremen, Hamburg, Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, North-West Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein. Their approximately 240 members include mechanical engineers, shipyards, companies in the aerospace and automotive industries, steel producers and specialists in medical and electrical engineering. They employ around 130,000 people in the north of Germany.



NRWalley is the NRW Startup Association and is therefore the representation of the startups in NRW. They support entrepreneurs from the pre-start-up phase up to the EXIT. The association sees itself as a network of startups in North Rhine-Westphalia. As such, they represent the interests of the entire startup ecosystem in relation to legislation, administration, science, research and the public. It promotes a new culture of entrepreneurship in North Rhine-Westphalia, for innovative start-ups and carries the startup mentality into society.

Seed House


The Seedhouse is a public-private partnership. They are the technology and start-up center for the Osnabrück economic area, supported by the city and district of Osnabrück. The Seedhouse is financed by funds from the State of Lower Saxony and also work together with medium-sized companies. They are focused on the agricultural, food and digital sectors. The companies have committed themselves to treating each other fairly and with the startups. With Seedhouse startups get access to networks and mentors from the decision-making level of numerous, in some cases world-leading, companies in the agricultural, food and digital industries.

SpinLab – The HHL Accelerator

SpinLab – The HHL Accelerator is a startup accelerator that supports the growth of entrepreneurial and innovative teams who want to scale up their businesses. We pride ourselves on a no-nonsense approach and work hard every day to make sure our startups are getting the necessary resources and guidance they need. Located in Leipzig we welcome, and encourage, all startups that are developing concepts in the fields of eHealth, energy, and Smart City to apply for our program. We will also accept technology concepts that can support companies that are already established in our areas of concentration. The infrastructure of the City of Leipzig, paired with our official status as one of the twelve technology hubs for the Digital Hub Initiative, allows us to offer special incentives to startups that are developing concepts in these three fields.

Start-up Nation Central

Start-Up Nation Central

Start-Up Nation Central is an independent non-profit that builds bridges to Israeli innovation.

They connect business, government, and NGO leaders from around the world with Israeli innovation, offering Israeli innovators access to high-potential and previously inaccessible markets, through highly customized business engagements, and through Start-Up Nation Finder – an easy to use, up-to-date, free online platform for discovering and connecting with the thousands of relevant innovators.

They identify technological sectors with high growth potential, helping them to mature. They currently focus on the Digital Health, AgriFoodtech and Industry 4.0 sectors, exposing them to global audiences, helping them develop practical tools, attracting investors, and establishing and nurturing tech communities to increase collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and skill expansion.

They accumulate knowledge and generate in-depth insights about Israel’s innovation sector, sharing these with our clients and partners. They produce reports and additional assets at regular intervals throughout the year, regarding specific sectors and the ecosystem as a whole.

TU Braunschweig/Entrepreneurship Center

TU Braunschweig/Entrepreneurship Hub

The Entrepreneurship Hub is a joint facility of the Technical University of Braunschweig and the Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences. They have made a decisive contribution to establish a successful and sustainable start-up culture at these two universities. In order to maintain and further develop this, they offer various teaching, learning and research programs that cover almost all aspects of founding innovative and technology-based companies. They promote a lively and interdisciplinary start-up culture in the region. The extra-curricular events and workshops ensure the necessary networking between society and the regional and national founding community.

Verband kommunaler Unternehmen (VKU) e.V.

Verband kommunaler Unternehmen (VKU) e.V.

The Association of Municipal Enterprises (VKU) represents the interests of the municipal supply and disposal industry in Germany. They approximately have 1,500 member companies which are organized in the VKU, with more than 275,000 employees and are mainly active in energy supply, water and wastewater management, waste management and city cleaning, as well as in the telecommunications sector. Around 190 municipal companies are currently involved in digitalization expansion. They invested over 450 million euros a year into digitalization and are increasing their investments every year

Verein Berliner Kaufleute und Industrieller (VBKI)

The Association of Berlin Merchants and Industrialists (VBKI) is a think tank and the capital’s most important network of entrepreneurs. With their members they want to help shape and advance Berlin. To do this, they create space for exchange and debate, bring women entrepreneurs from Berlin together & support a variety of charitable projects. At more than 100 events a year they exchange ideas, learn from one another, discuss work results and promote the exchange of ideas together with the brightest minds. So they have developed into an important forum for Berlin. They see themselves as partners of the public and politics. They do Berlin. Since 1879.