EIPC 2023

EIPC 2023

8. May 2023 - 10. May 2023  

This year’s ELNET International Policy Conference (EIPC) will provide another exclusive opportunity to take a closer look at the shaping of Europe’s Middle East policy and Europe-Israel relations. The conference will bring together experienced policymakers and experts from key European countries and Israel, as well as selected speakers from the U.S. and Arab countries, to engage in a frank and open dialogue and address important policy areas of key interest to Europe and Israel.

The overarching theme of the conference is “A New Era in Europe-Israel Relations,” and tailored sessions will specifically tackle policy areas such as new security challenges, the Ukraine war and its aftermath, Israeli-Arab normalization, the Russian threat, the Iranian threat, energy and food security, climate change, Israel-related antisemitism and delegitimization of Israel, and more. There will also be case studies showcasing promising new projects, business opportunities and groundbreaking technologies.


  • Changing world order and new security challenges
  • The common future between Europe and Israel
  • The Ukraine war and its aftermath
  • Climate change & Europe’s energy and food crisis
  • NATO revival and expansion & U.S.-China contest
  • Antisemitism, antizionism, delegitimization of Israel
  • Abraham Accords
  • What strategy for a threshold Iran?
  • The evolution of terrorist threats, drone war and cyberwarfare
  • Constitutional debates in Europe and Israel


  • Stimulating joint European Israeli collaboration on issues of key strategic importance and expanding the bilateral relationship to include new topics of cooperation .
  • Sharing success stories, challenges and experience to the benefit of both Europe and Israel.
  • Building a community of policy makers, opinion leaders, experts and professionals who strengthening Europe Israel relations .

Register here: http://www.eipc2023.com