GreenTech Innovation Challenge

GreenTech Innovation Challenge

1. September 2021 - 31. October 2021  

With the GreenTech Innovation Challenge, GINSUM is starting a new competition, which aims to solve the challenges of companies with the help of innovative young companies from the startup nation Israel.

The challenge offers companies the opportunity to solve their specific problems quickly and efficiently. In this way, Israeli start-ups can ensure more sustainable and environmentally friendly operations.

Close economic cooperation offers enormous added value for both ecosystems: With innovative technologies, the Israeli ecosystem opens up a multitude of solutions for the challenges of small and medium-sized companies in Germany and thus gives the great opportunity to improve and further develop existing technology and digitization processes.

Medium-sized companies can provide the necessary space and framework for the indispensable sustainable transformation process and thus make a decisive contribution to climate neutrality. The new requirements of climate neutrality can be used as an opportunity to use digital GreenTech solutions even more effectively and so among other things. to make the middle class a sustainable agent of change.

So if you are facing certain challenges and are looking for specific and visible solutions for your upcoming innovation and digitization steps, we look forward to your participation in the GreenTech Innovation Challenge! Get to know the strengths of Israeli startups and benefit from a very special innovative spirit.

You can apply now to participate free of charge.

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