Webinar: AgTech Innovation in Israel – An Overview

Webinar: AgTech Innovation in Israel – An Overview

11. November 2021   16:00 - 17:00

AgTech Innovation in Israel – An Overview

Inspite of the desert covering the majority of the country, Israel managed to master in AgTech and developed a vibrant agriculture technology sector.

Since its foundation in 1948 it almost tripled the land for agriculture and heavily increased production, along with the dry climate challenges and with saline soil.

In Israel there are currently about 400 companies dealing with various aspects of Agricultural technologies such as: Inputs production, Alternative food, Preservation and supply chain, Yield and Harvest, Pathogens and pests and water technologies- while most companies deal with Yeald and harvest.

With the Isreali mindset and a focus on technological R&D followed by countless innovations in the way of farming, Israel became a global player in agriculture with much attention from farmers worldwide seeking for new technology and innovation.

With this webinar GINSUM and Seehouse Accelerator give you an overview on the newest developments in the AgTech sector in Israel. Register now on GINSUM Matchmaker.